My little girls are growing up.

Pullets heading toward maturity eat like maniacs. My little girls are growing visibly larger by the day, their voices are changing out of those high-pitched peeps, and their combs are starting to emerge. Probably be months yet before they start laying practice eggs, but this is a different breed from what I’m used to so I’m prepared to be surprised. In any case they’re growing big and healthy and despite their unfortunate start we haven’t lost a single one that got here alive in the first place.

S&L got back from their trip out of state last evening, and this morning they solved two growing problems: They had a ton of dirty laundry and L invited me to come join mine to the pile, which is welcome. Also, I completely underestimated how much gasoline I would need for the T&S gig, am almost completely out, and D&L aren’t planning the usual Monday morning water run tomorrow. I was thinking about sneaking into town this evening for a gas run, but didn’t believe I would even have enough fuel to do that. But S loaned me five gallons of generator gas, and L plans to go to town sometime tomorrow and will let me tag along and fill my jugs – along with S’s Jerrycan whose previous contents are now in the Jeep. So there’s a source of anxiety gone.

It’s a beautiful cloudless morning, and I’m going to go out and enjoy it before it turns cold again.

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