Neighbor L had to leave to deal with a family emergency…

…and bless her heart she texted me to get my laundry over there early so she could wash it before she left. Just as well if that delayed her departure because the road was really slippery first thing this morning. So I did morning chores early, which I had intended to do anyway because the chicken water was sure to be frozen, and then I met her on the road later in the morning to get the laundry, and then at noon I went out again to feed and clean up after D&L’s horses because they were at the big town about 50 miles away for a doctor appointment. So a busy morning followed by a whole afternoon of sitting inside staying warm.

By far the coldest day of the season so far. Anywhere the sun didn’t directly shine, the snow didn’t even start to melt. On the other hand it was a bright still day, so I guess maybe the storm is behind us? Not sure.

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