New additions all over the place!

Laddie had a kind of anxious first night, eager to be reassured when I started going vertical around five this morning. We went right outside and watered some trees together and that seemed to settle him down a bit. Then we started morning chores, helped J&B get loaded for their trip back north and were just coming back toward the Gulch from seeing them off at the cattlegate when we met Former Weekender Neighbor L on the road headed toward town. FWN L and I are going into partnership on chickens since Landlady wants out of the business, and she has been waiting for our new shipment of Leghorn chicks. So I had to run over to Ian’s, so the brooder would be warmed and ready for when she got back with the babies.

They didn’t have a good trip: Two dead and one that I think is going to die. The supplier promises to make up any losses in transit, so we should have sixteen to start.

Meanwhile Laddie is trying to find the best napping spots in the Secret Lair. Cool tile or warmer rug? Directly underfoot or only tangentially underfoot? Certainly we’ll avoid that delightfully comfortable-looking brand new bed over there…

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11 Responses to New additions all over the place!

  1. Mark Matis says:

    That bed will feel significantly better around December. If not slightly sooner.

  2. Judy says:

    Bet the bed will be more appealing this winter.

  3. coloradohermit says:

    Laddie doesn’t look like he’s grieving over the departure of J & B. That’s a good sign after the significant disruptions he’s had in his life recently. My first question is…will he be able to clean out a peanut butter jar? So much to learn. 😉

  4. Anonymous says:

    No Trauma there

  5. Tennessee Budd says:

    Right in front of a doorway, naturally. Yep, he’s settling in.
    That’s the reason my tomcat is named Speedbump.

  6. Claire says:

    Yep, that dog definitely does not look traumatized. Good work, J, J, and B.

  7. Mark Matis says:

    Did J & B get the juniper ?burls? that they were looking for? Or did I misinterpret an earlier post?

  8. Mike says:

    Looking at the photo of Laddie and considering what he has been through this past month or so, I’d say he’s settling in nicely. That there is one relaxed looking dog. Given the heat, I suspect he will stick with the tiles for a while. They look a lot cooler than the bed.

  9. Zelda says:

    My imagination, or is there something about Laddie that makes him look a lot like Joel. Then they just have to sort out who is going to be the leader of the pack, the Alpha Male. Laddie looks as if he is confident he is going to win…FOMCL

  10. Chris says:

    With respect to the bed… The wife and I are watching the son’s German Shepard while he is in the service… He has two very nice beds… but where does he elect to sleep??… Why, on the hardwood floor at the top of the stairs or by the patio door or in the foyer, of course… however, somehow he knows enough not to create the “speedbump” effect

  11. Deborah Harvey says:

    i don’t know what the bed smells like but you might set it out in the sun for a few days to freshen it.

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