Not as bad as I thought…

The pain is down to almost nothing unless I forget and try to use the shoulder. Had a good night’s sleep last, not so much the night before. Left arm won’t lift by itself but it works fine from the elbow out so I’m not one-finger hunting and pecking like yesterday. Just pick up the left hand with the right one and set it in place on the keyboard. Don’t need the sling anymore. Definitely not as bad as last time.

I must have landed on some rocks because my back and ass are all bruised but I’ll get over that. The arm will take longer – the way this usually works I slowly get mobility back but strength can take quite a lot longer. Like I said, this has become a familiar injury: Every time I take a fall I wreck a shoulder. Which seems weird – I mean I lost half a leg and spent most of my life falling down all the time without cataloguing injuries. Hell, I’m still in my first century, I’m too young for this shit. It was the left one this time, so I have that.

Guess it’s better than breaking a hip. Wouldn’t that be fun: Lay on the ground hoping I’ve got signal and that somebody will answer the phone, then crawl to where they can find me. I’ll pass on that, if it’s all the same to Murphy.

One thing for sure: Building a first-floor bedroom addition was the right choice. Not that I ever really doubted that…

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5 Responses to Not as bad as I thought…

  1. Tree Mike says:

    Good to hear you so optimistic. Rather than thinking of myself as accident prone, I go with activity prone, activity tends to attract the occasional gravity storm. Hence, the occasional ballistic consequences. With your stability equipment compromised as it is, I’m thinking you’re doing pretty damned good avoiding more gravity storms than you do. I go through “healing events” more than I want to, so my sympathetic, empathies are with you. Sport medicine indicates alternating ice 20 min, break, heat 20 min, break, repeat a few times a day early on. Cold reduces pain, swelling, inflammation. Heat promotes blood flow, healing, sleep as much as you can, that’s when you heal. I know, that’s easy for me to say, I have unlimited electricity. You may be agnostic, atheist or whatever (I don’t know) but prayers don’t care, aren’t prejudiced, so I’m sending some anyway, no extra charge. Get well when ya feel like it.

  2. Stefan v. says:

    Adaptive Curmudgeon got himself a SpotX emergency satellite communicator. Perhaps it is time one of these found its way into The Gulch….

  3. R says:

    If I live in the boonies I might consider getting an iPhone just for it’s satellite emergency communication feature and hope for a good view of the sky if something bad happens.

  4. Ben says:

    If Joel has fairly reliable outside cell coverage, then perhaps an Apple Watch, which has fall detection. Following a fall, it calls a designated number, or even a series of numbers. It works through your iPhone, so no need to pay for another cellphone line. Apple Watches have become very popular with the senior crowd for exactly that feature.

  5. Mike says:

    Good news!

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