Oh, god, oh, god…

The next person who tells me he wants to build an earth-bermed house … gets it. Unless I’m not obligated to help him build it, in which case he can do whatever he wants.Poor M. He’s suffering for his choices, and that’s for damned sure. We spent two days shoveling down the center pad for his foundation, and found out it was still too high. So we had to go around and add a layer to the outer frame, just to keep the mesh under concrete when we pour. A couple of days ago we put in the vapor barrier, insulation and wire mesh, and yesterday we installed and tied (what we thought was) all the rebar. My fingers may someday heal. Today we raised the outer frame and put the wire mesh up on its little pedestals, all of which had to be tied with wire. Four hours’ work in the hot sun, and we were beat. THEN AND ONLY THEN M took a last look at the plans, just to double check before the building inspector arrived, and … we missed a whole set of vertical rebar. Which we don’t even have, so we can’t possibly install it today. Oh, and we just learned that our supplier doesn’t carry 3/4″ rebar, so we can’t get it delivered. Which means we have to find a way to transport 20′ lengths of 3/4″.


Obligatory dog pic, about which I can’t think of anything original to say. I’m tired. Poor M is tired and dispirited and sick of life, and he’s got to drive to the city tonight to pick up the steel for his house, because even though we are now officially behind schedule on the foundation, the steel is ready and must be picked up. I’m not sure we should leave him alone, for fear the poor guy may harm himself.

He’s got the desert suckage blues.

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2 Responses to Oh, god, oh, god…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hang in there! This too will pass.

    Somehow I doubt that one missed course of rebar is the end of this saga. My thoughts are with you.


  2. janet says:

    Sounds like its time for a care package–sugar always helps. (At least it never hurts)

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