Oh, is it going to work now?

Well okay then. I guess I’ll just drop what I’m doing, go back to the Lair, fire up the laptop, download all those photos currently floating around in Data Pergatory somewhere, and write that food review post I tried to write some hours ago except the server was down AGAIN and I couldn’t. Since I emailed all those photos to myself and when the TUAK server is down my email doesn’t work either.

Since I’m getting all this stuff for free I’m not really complaining. Free is good. But I am venting a bit because frustration. Running what amounts to a small business on infrastructure other people are essentially giving you for free isn’t a foolproof business model. But I like it most of the time, because free.

Anyway a post is imminent if the blankety-blank server doesn’t prevent it.

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3 Responses to Oh, is it going to work now?

  1. Deborah Harvey says:

    daughter says to push the ‘save’ button. it saves what you wrote so when back online it can be retrieved. but you knew that?

  2. Joel says:

    Deborah, that works every time when the problem is connectivity – a lesson on which I became quite expert back in the dark old days of the satellite modem. But when the server the whole thing is running on stops working, the “save” function stops working. I can type and type for an hour only to find I’ve lost it all when I try to publish. When I have a hint of trouble I can copy all the text and paste it into an offline text window for later; that has saved my bacon a few times.

  3. free.and.true says:

    Have you tried typing the text of your intended blog post in Notepad, or another plain-text utility, and saving that file on your hard drive before you copy-and-paste (and format text if needed) on the blog dashboard? Is that an option?

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