Okay, look. Enough. Sick of it now.

Every morning for the past three. Never warms up past the mid-forties. It’s still coming down as I type this, so…

I don’t know how much we got this morning, I’m going with something over an inch which makes this the biggest snowfall of this new sloppy spell.

I’ve burned substantially more wood this month than I did in February. Which is not the way it’s supposed to work. I know I call March ‘the month that breaks your heart’ but this year I want to call it ‘the month that makes you want to wring its neck.’

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6 Responses to Okay, look. Enough. Sick of it now.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Same thing in Washtenaw county Michigan right now Joel. I’ve burned more coal and wood this March so far, than in Jan & Feb combined. Go figure?

  2. Bigus Macus says:

    Wettest, Windiest, March on record here in Hampton Roads VA.

  3. matismf says:

    3 PM in east central Florida on 26 March, and it’s only 79 degrees!

  4. malatrope says:

    Well, contrary to what the lefties think, the climate is trending toward ice age, not heat death. We’re overdue for one too.

  5. feralfae says:

    Yes, dryer, colder days ahead. It is time for the emergence of the next glacial or Newest Dryas days. I stacked 4 cords this year. Days warm up for a few days, then cold returns. I think we are in the limin heading toward a cold spell. Stay cozy out there, Joel.

  6. Anonymous says:

    High Spring here during the days, late winter at night temps wise. Interspersed with heavy rain days… Very changeover like.


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