On Painting Stuff Green

I have a new project. Yeah, like I need another project, but this one’s pretty simple. I’m gonna paint all my AK magazines green.

The reason for this is two-fold: First, a couple of my magazines rusted in the pouch where I keep them, and rust is inherently offensive. A sign of sloth and neglect. I am slothful and neglectful, but there’s no reason to trumpet the fact.

The second reason is M. M has a LOT of AK magazines. Cases of them. Dozens, scores – I wouldn’t be surprised by hundreds. I’m quite sure he doesn’t know how many he’s got. I, on the other hand, possess a pitiful handful. A dwindling handful.

No, I’m not accusing the thieving bastard of anything. But my sloth and neglect, coupled with his cheerfully acquisitive nature, is not working to my benefit. If I absently lay a magazine down, there’s a highly significant probability that it will lay right there until M sees it. And M, who seems to own as many AK magazines as all the inhabitants of Mogadishu combined, naturally assumes it’s his. Statistically, it probably is.

So today, having declared today a Day of Sloth except for some household chores, I instituted Joel’s Green Magazine Project. I took the most offensive-looking of my mags, sanded it, cleaned it, hit it with a couple of coats of primer, and then painted the sumbitch green.

Once the paint has had a chance to set up and I reassemble it, I’ll carry it around in the World’s Ugliest Carbine for a while – just to check the viability of the whole idea. I … don’t possess the most durable camo paint imaginable.

ADDED: Hm! Folk art!

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3 Responses to On Painting Stuff Green

  1. Jac says:

    Hey… those little scraps of Juniper are good for something.

  2. DirtCrashr says:

    Ugly cammo on an AK is like…correct?
    And cammo-paint that is subject to retouch becomes even more cammo-istic!

  3. John B says:

    I usually pain my valuable tools and spare parts blaze orange, lemon yellow or day-glo green.

    I think we wont get our mags mixed up Joel!

    That and the fact mine are all AR-15.

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