OOF. Maybe I do it because it’ll feel so good when I stop.

I think this might be the first time I ever paid over $100 at a time for a load of propane. Almost – almost – makes me wonder if it’s still worth doing.

On the other hand…

Now that I’ve done it, it’s nice having every bottle full of warmish bedroom. And I unloaded them during winter’s abrupt return: Yesterday it was sunny and above 60o, this afternoon it’s below freezing and snowing. So at least psychologically my timing was perfect.

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3 Responses to OOF. Maybe I do it because it’ll feel so good when I stop.

  1. Ben says:

    In term of an olde man’s basic comfort, that’s certainly worth every penny. That said, that’s probably an entire winter’s fuel budget pre-bedroom.

  2. Mark Matis says:

    “Warmish” bedroom and “fresh baked bread!”

  3. Joel says:

    “Warmish” bedroom and “fresh baked bread!”

    Yeah, but my propane bottle inventory has worked out to a weird sort of symmetry. I have 2 40-pound bottles which I only use on the kitchen stove, six 30-pound bottles I only use for the bedroom, and 4 20-pound bottles (just scrounged a fourth this week) I only use on Ian’s water heater. Obviously I can mix’n’match as needed if things turn ugly, but as long as I can still buy propane in town – even at inflated prices – that line of 30-pounders on the ready-use blocks is a quick visual clue to how long I can run the bedroom heater. Happily the kitchen stove – which no longer wastes propane on an oven pilot – takes a really long time to go through a 40-pound bottle so two are sufficient.

    With my month-of-houseguests behind me, I’ve gone back to just leaving the bedroom heater set to 55o day and night and letting the woodstove do most of the work. If I’m prepared to finish the winter with empty bottles, what I have now would probably get me all the way through the rest of the heating season – and with propane prices starting to inch downward at last that might be the fiscally smart thing to do. But with things as unsettled as they’ve been for the past 3 years, it doesn’t feel like the smart thing to do.

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