Private to Nosmo King

I got a phone call from Ian this afternoon. He’s planning to come up Wednesday after his extremely unsatisfactory trip to the Pecos Run & Gun, for which he spent weeks training.

“Hey, I’ve got two rather large and extremely light boxes from Amazon here for you. Do you have any idea what they are?”

As a matter of fact I did, and I was surprised they’d arrived so soon. “Yeah, they’re a care package from Nosmo King, one of my more generous readers.”

“Well, they’re filling up my whole truck bed, and I’ve got animal feed to bring up. Ammo. Big guns. You know, the usual. Any way I can repackage them?”

“Oh, I don’t think that’ll be a problem.”4806857615We had a discussion a few days ago in which some readers deplored my practice of doing laundry in 5-gallon buckets. Nosmo decided to go proactive, and ordered two 10-gallon pails for me. I do believe it’ll be an improvement, but will certainly report back.

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One Response to Private to Nosmo King

  1. Nosmo says:

    “Well, shucks” he said, gently digging his toe into the dirt in embarrassment. “T’weren’t nuthin’, just seemed like a neighborly thing to do.” Which, I guess, means my neighborhood is about 2,000 miles across, but that’s math and math is hard.

    Thanks for the compliment; it’s rare that “more” is followed by “generous” when people refer to me. Usually they employ other adjectives. As for the “reader” part, were she still alive Mrs. Koster would be proud to know I’ve retained the skill, and perhaps expanded on it a bit, since kindergarden.

    I’ve had good luck with the 10 gallon mini-cans (they look exactly like regular 30-gallon trash cans that never grew up) for laundry duty on camping trips, I hope they work out well for you. Besides, a couple Rubbermaid cans I could afford, a Maytag was simply out of the question.

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