Rain, Rain, Go Away…

…Come on back this afternoon and cool things off!

This isn’t a complaint I make very often…but I’ve got a lot to do! And it’s raining in the morning!

Last night the storm held off until almost bedtime, but when it came it had me scrambling around unplugging electronics because there was lightning everywhere, and close! I’m always surprised our solar stuff doesn’t attract big bolts of electrical stuff. So it rained like crazy, no surprise, but then it settled in and kept raining off and on all night. This morning, still pattering on the roof when it usually goes away and leaves the morning for getting things done.

These days I only seem able to work in the mornings. Afternoons are for hiding from the heat; can’t think when my brain is bubbling and oozing out my ears. This is shit-shoveling day, best done early before it gets hot. There’s a problem with the frame on Landlady’s utility door, which I promised to fix. I’ve got an article to write, which I’ve barely even looked at. The cistern needs filling, and the generator and Jeep need oil changes. I still haven’t had a chance to seriously play with my new chainsaw. Dead trees are calling me. And I wanna go work on my cabin!

(Well, if it’s raining I guess there’s no excuse not to work on that article…)

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