Slime tire inflator, long-term review

It’s been eight years since a Generous Reader sent me my Slime tire inflation compressor. For such a cheesy-looking thing it has held up remarkably well and done me many services.

It has gotten a tad beat up in the process…

I had to cut off the cigar lighter connection and solder on some battery clips. I actually did that almost the very first thing and it’s not the compressor’s fault – the Jeep’s cigar lighter couldn’t handle the amp draw.

And that lamp on the end never did work, and eventually fell right off. Not that I really cared: I literally am never out of arm’s reach of a flashlight even while sleeping, so didn’t need that.

But the important part, the tire inflator, keeps chugging along nicely.

I was doing some PM on the Jeep this morning. Topped off the tires for the first time since Autumn, and that tool proved its worth all over again. It also comes out when I have to deal with the ebike’s tires, so basically it gets a lot of use. I think kind thoughts about the person who sent it to me every time it does, and if I ever have to replace it I’ll probably just go ahead and buy one just like it. Maybe without the lamp.

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  1. Terrapod says:

    When it seems to be on last legs (if we are still above ground) let me know, I will send you one made by Ryobi that also has the battery connectors to the car same as yours, Bought it for my wife 10 years ago and it has had Zero use since she drives little and I check tires with other compressors that are in the garage. It is a much more robust unit than what I see in the picture.

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