Snowstorm stopped…

…at about quarter past eleven. Just in time for Tobie’s lunch and a quick walkie, where he was all “OMGTHISISSOCOOL!!!11” and completely forgot all rules of leash decorum, for which I couldn’t really blame him because this is the first snow that was more than a dusting and he did the same thing this time last year. I mean, c’mon, Uncle Joel. Cut the boy some slack. There’s a reason kids get snow days, and it’s not just traction under bus tires.

Hard to say exactly how much we got, because of all the wind. I’d estimate maybe as much as two inches, obviously not impressive to readers in actual snow country. But add in the wind and I’m glad us doddering oldsters weren’t out in it trying to fill water bottles. D&L made the right call.

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4 Responses to Snowstorm stopped…

  1. Mike says:

    Oh good, I wasn’t the only one to get dumped upon. From the Jeep photo, I think we were hit a little harder than you, but, who’s counting?

    I’ll bet Tobie was a site to see, having all sorts of fun tromping around in the white stuff. I suspect the morning walkies turned into a bit of a drag around the block.

  2. The Neon Madman says:

    Can you trust him off the leash at all? Tobie would have a ball running in that stuff, and get good and worn out. Also, in this weather you wouldn’t have to worry about snakes and the like.

    I can see a senior citizen sitting comfortably in a chair with a cuppa while the pup burns off a lot of energy.

  3. Joel says:

    I think about it. And maybe I’m being overprotective, but with all the cattle around there’s just too much temptation.

  4. These days, post-Wuflu, kids don’t get many snow days. Distance learning has eliminated that. They get to sit at home in front of a Zoom session with a teacher who could use a snow day nearly as much as they could. Another fun thing stolen by technology.

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