So I said to myself, “Don’t forget to swap out the camera batteries…”

I have a new paying gig this week. It’s a very simple one, just feeding some animals and watering some plants, but getting to it is not a small matter. And I’m almost out of gasoline, so I have to arrange the beginning of the week carefully.

See that hill with a sort of saddlehorn on the right? That’s part of a ridge running to the east of Landlady’s place, and on the other side of it you don’t go back down; it’s the edge of a big plateau.

And getting to the plateau is a bit of an adventure. Until recently, when a generous reader made possible a new set of tires for the Jeep, I avoided the upper part of this road…

…because things get rockier and narrower and steeper, the switchbacks get sharper, and life just goes to hell for a while unless you’re a natural-born rock climber. Unfortunately at this point the batteries – which I knew this morning were nearly dead – went dead so that’s it for the photo safari.

And I felt like such an idiot. I packed carefully for this trip, because the Jeep is getting kinda used and any time I drive up to the plateau I need to face the possibility of walking back down. So I had water and tools and a rifle, and I remembered to bring the camera, but I forgot fresh batteries for the camera. So yeah. Idiot. Not really sure this camera can do justice to the view anyway, but seriously this place I’ll be visiting several times this week is one of the most photogenic places I know of around here.

Still need to plan carefully. I poured the last of my stored gasoline in the Jeep before leaving, and I don’t have enough folding cash to fill one more can on Monday. I’ll need to raid the change box to make up the difference, but if I burn off the last of my gas and money in the first half of this week I’ll make enough cash to top off on gas and propane next weekend. Paying gigs have been pretty slow around here lately, I’m afraid, and I’m down to nothin’. In fact just last weekend I got an envelope containing $30 from a reader, and if that hadn’t happened I’m not sure how I’d have been able to take this gig because $22 of that went into a gas can. But this’ll take some of the pressure off, so it’s very good timing. Synchronicity is still on my side, though sometimes it waits till we’re down to the wire. :)

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2 Responses to So I said to myself, “Don’t forget to swap out the camera batteries…”

  1. Claire says:

    Oh, I remember that road. That’s where we used to take newbies if we wanted to scare the hell out of them. And the plateau you’re visiting … that was where the guy fought off the bear that was trying to break into his house, right?

    Yeah, it worries me that you might run out of gas up there.

    At least it would be a downhill walk home.

  2. Joel says:

    The guy who fought off the bear was in a house on a mesa on the other side of the plateau, but yeah: I’m nitpicking. That’s the place, and that’s where I’m going. Fortunately I only have to do the Scary Driveway once a day.

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