So you want to be on a city council?

Heh. I think I’ll pass.

The enlightened rulers of Bell, California threw the city manager and police chief out of the sleigh, hoping that would be enough for the ravening wolves. Not so much, it seems.

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2 Responses to So you want to be on a city council?

  1. I have been following the City of Bell controversy for a while now. The city manager was making 1.5 million/yr in salary and benefits, also some how other employees were making well into the 300 thousands plus benefits, city council something close to 100 thousand and benefits for PART TIME jobs. This in a community of an average salary of less the forty G’s a year. Of course some folks have been forced out do to ridicule and general spitting practices, taking over 5 million in pensions and benefits with them out of the city coffers.When will folks wake up? I have no clue but it is nice to see people getting riled and Looking really looking at their rulers for a change.

    OM Goodness the verification word is judgedom.. :O)

  2. suek says:

    But WAIT!!! There’s more…!!

    _UN believable_!!

    (WV bijjt…pronounced “bite”??!!)

To the stake with the heretic!