So you want to build a straw-bale house…

D&L have been working on this house for two years now. They figure they’ve got maybe another three before they move in. That gigantic pile of straw is their outside walls. For the record, most of the barn is also full of straw bales. They had to buy last year, right after the harvest.

Granted that it’s a very elaborate house, but still…

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One Response to So you want to build a straw-bale house…

  1. Actually I have looked into a straw bale house, from the stuff I have been able to read the insulation value is awesome, it will be easy to heat, keep the heat in and keep cool in the summer. Some of the designs are pretty cool too.

    The cattleman has Not been so keen on experimental or non-traditional building materials, he leans towards a log home, something he is familiar with and figures he can do a lot of the work himself.

    Now I feel the need to go back at look at this idea again.

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