Sorry, Claire…

I had never heard of Colton Harris-Moore before Claire blogged about him last month. Since then I read a thing or two. I concede he’s got style, but he’s still a determined thief and I really don’t like thieves.

He recently flew himself to the Bahamas, it seems, in an informally-acquired airplane. And there he didn’t last long. He promptly made himself a stench in the local residents’ noses. It seems they don’t like thieves either, but at least the Bahamian cops went to some lengths not to hurt him.

Lesson taken away: If you’re going to make a living as a professional fugitive, walling yourself up in a place where every coming and going can’t help but be noticed probably isn’t your best move.

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2 Responses to Sorry, Claire…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Joel the local residents’ in the Bahamas (those with money) are thieves themselves. They are just upper class thieves. You should know that after living down here.

    The problem was that Mr. Barefoot didn’t pay off the local small time thieves, hence they rated him him out.

    If I had ‘more $$ than I have’ I could easily disappear there without a trace, and enjoy the sandy beaches as well. I have sailed those waters for years in the late 70’s – 80’s and spent month on one island without another soul ever appearing.

    You need a Catamaran though to get close into the harbor.


  2. “…an informally-acquired airplane…”

    Coffee, meet keyboard.

    I’ll have to remember that. It never occurred to me that the IRS just might be the most “informal” organization extant.

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