Sounds kinda silly when you put it that way…

I can’t think of any other way to put it…

For the dedicated desert hermit this is actually great. I used to kind of enjoy going to movies, and if watchable movies were still being made I’d really miss them. But now I can just sit back in my hovel and mock without having to first spend money to actually watch the movies.

Unfortunately that’s analogous to making all people’s lives equal by making them all equally squalid. Which hardly ever turns out to be a good thing, except of course for the exceptions.

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7 Responses to Sounds kinda silly when you put it that way…

  1. Beaner49 says:

    If you have a decent internet connection the app 123series will let you watch movies and TV for free.
    You do need a fast connection.

  2. winston smith says:

    I have heard that people buy a VPN and use a program called QbitTorrent to download unlimited movies/tv from the internet. I suspect that wouldnt work well if you are bandwidth limited tho. Still, when you go to town where the land of the fee Wifi is…..
    I also heard that Dune, while a good movie and true to the book, isnt worth seeing in a theatre if you can get it for free (i think it will be on HBO the same night it releases in the USA).
    I have further heard that there are free streaming sites that have all sorts of live tv but that most of whats out there is ad-scam crap.

  3. Joel says:

    😀 Yeah, I don’t do streaming. Since the signal booster my connectivity is much more reliable but I wouldn’t call it fast.

  4. Turns out there still are watchable movies being made; original material, not remakes of remakes of reboots.

    A few months ago, I noticed a trend on my streaming service: the best movies were coming out of Russia and Norway. One was a “found footage” mockumentary (a format I generally hate) about a secret government troll-hunting agency. It managed to be creepy, hilarious, and thought provoking all at once. It wasn’t even dubbed in English, just closed captioned (something else I normally dislike), but it was still enjoyable.

    A Russian SF movie opened with what I first took to be a really moronic plot device — no one would be stupid enough to do that — but then it hit me; they’re poking fun at the government, they did do that.

    Another Russian flick had a very interesting plot twist about invading aliens seeding the planet with a virus to wipe out the locals; “The Blackout.”

    While these movies do have some impressive special effects, the FX supportthe plot, unlike the Hollywood Marvel cineverse where the plots seems written solely to justify effects.

  5. winston smith says:

    Carl! I saw that Norwegian movie- I think it was called Trollhunter and I enjoyed the heck out of it. It got me watching other Norwegian movies and they easily rival hollywood in production and exceed them in creativity.

  6. Joel says:

    I saw Trollhunter as well, and I have to admit I really didn’t get it.

  7. winston smith says:

    I think that there are subtleties in Norwegian myth movies that we in the US dont really get. The movies i tend to watch from there have obvious strong ties to their legends and it is equally obvious that i am missing the full impact since i dont know those stories well.

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