Spent the day away from the Gulch…

Landlady and I have been working at Ian’s, and today’s assignment was to dispose of the junk we recently cleaned out of the powershed and then acquire a new powershed door. The first required a trip to the county dump, the second a journey to the big town about 50 miles away.

We got to the big town in time for an early lunch. Laddie and Dharma came along, so we needed to find a rather more upscale than usual restaurant that was happy about people showing up with dogs…

mmm – I don’t remember the last time I ate fish and chips, and happily these were pretty darned good.

Then to Lowes, where we acquired the door. I recently rehabbed the Jeep trailer with new tires and lubed hubs, and it behaved perfectly well there and back.

I was going to wait and see what developed concerning a replacement for my beloved but mortally wounded cordless drill, but while at Lowes I passed a display with exactly the right sort of drill…

…and I took that as a sign. Hurts to spend money, but as fortune or coincidence or synchronicity would have it just this week a long-time Generous Reader sent me a package containing more than enough green stamps to settle the matter. So thank you very much, Generous Reader! I’m back in the saddle.

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3 Responses to Spent the day away from the Gulch…

  1. Ben says:

    Good luck with your new drill. I believe that you got the other one just before your legendary siding job, and then it lasted through the bedroom job and the porch job, along with several years of incidental jobs. While longer life would have been better, it has certainly earned it’s keep, if not a place on Boot Hill.

  2. terrapod says:

    Oh piffle!! I had my spare 14 V Ryobi, with new NiCd battery and charger packed up and ready to send. It was sitting around unloved as all the rest of the shop runs 18 V Li Ryobi for modularity.

    If you want a backup unit let me know and I will mail it, otherwise back into storage it goes.

  3. Joel says:

    If you really want to pass it on I can always use a spare, Terrapod. My old one still goes round and round but every time I squeeze the trigger I get a strong scent of burning insulation so I doubt it’s a viable backup.

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