Spring Flowers

Not actually much in the way of Spring flowers so far this May. I’ve lost hope for the yucca this year, and I’m not sure if the cactus are going to do anything. The cliff roses are coming along nicely, though…

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10 Responses to Spring Flowers

  1. Anonymous says:

    What about the infamous pear tree?

  2. Joel says:

    The pear tree also bloomed last month. It’s all leafed out now.

  3. Mike says:

    No matter how wet, or dry, or hot, or cold, life survives. 🌵🌿🏵️

  4. Paul B says:

    Yeah. Wife has been going to green houses. Have some stuff growing around here soon

  5. matismf says:

    I still have four tomatoes on plants from LAST year!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Imatif. How do you do that

  7. matismf says:

    Winter never got below freezing. Just picked one of them this morning, so there are now three still on the plant, which is also still flowering!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Indeterminate-type tomatoes are perennials, unlike determinate ones. They grow more like vines, and will keep going as long as freezing, pests, fungi, and mold don’t do them a number.

  9. matismf says:

    These are plum tomatoes from seed. Bought at the local True Value hardware store last year,

  10. Anonymous says:

    I already miss the tech/phone posts.

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