Technically I agree, but stop being on my side anyway.

Here’s a happy-talk link for Saturday Morning…

One Million Texans With Guns

Which – depending on how you read it – either celebrates or laments the fact that with a recent surge in applications there are now over…
…in the Great State of Texas.

Okay, cool. On with morning coffee, right?

But no. I have to read the comments. And among the usual is this moldie oldie I could once have written my own self…

One million……. the number that have drank the kool-aid and bought a license; one million that have submitted and added themselves to yet another government database.

One million that still don’t realize that the 2A is their license to carry.

This is – I swear – straight from the Westboro Baptist Church school of gun rights activism right here. I imagine this person standing outside the fence at a handgun familiarization class holding up a sign reading “Your gun sucks and you’re holding it wrong.”

I am ashamed to confess I used to think this way. I used to say things like this*. But then I hit puberty, and anyway it was years and years pre-internet so it doesn’t count.

Okay, look – I don’t even disagree fundamentally, and I have walked the walk. I have never possessed a carry license though I usually carried a handgun. And I have sweat the ‘printing’ thing, and been certain every eye was upon me. Been tempted to leave it home because who needs the hassle. Have left it home because who needs the hassle. Finally retired to a place where nobody gives a damn, and now it’s not an issue.

I understand a belief about not needing no steenking license. I share it. But I do not criticize people who get the license. Not ever.

And for people who do, I prescribe this simple exercise: Reach into your back pocket or your purse or manbag or whatever and pull out your wallet. Open it to the section holding credit-card-sized objects.

Got it? Okay – Tell me there’s not a single laminated card in there with a picture of your grim-looking phiz and the caption “Driver’s License.” Because if you’re sixteen or over, I bet there is.

Yeah? Well, well. You have ‘submitted and added yourself to another government data base,’ you sheeple, you. And why are you criticizing people who choose to get another sort of license for an everyday activity that’s nobody else’s business? Maybe you should shut up and mind your own.

Allow me to repeat Gun Safety Tip #1:
If having a card in your wallet that will keep the cops off your ass makes that easier for you to do every day, then get the damn card. Even if it offends you. Even – no, especially – if it offends some keyboard kommando out there somewhere. In fact that’ll just add spice.

*Not about CHLs specifically, because they pretty much didn’t exist for proles. But you know what I mean. Paper tiger.

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7 Responses to Technically I agree, but stop being on my side anyway.

  1. MamaLiberty says:

    And/or… one could move to a state that no longer requires a “permit.” Idaho just joined that club. No, it’s not “constitutional carry” like Vermont, but it is better than nothing. Now, if all the states that actually have gone this route will educate their cops to that fact, and make it stick. Won’t hold my breath. 🙂

    But yes, I used to be one of those who were critical of anybody who got the “permit.” Not for the “data base” thing, but just on general principles of self ownership. I still think so… but apply it to myself only these days. It’s none of my damned business otherwise. 🙂 As long as nobody is trying to force me to get a permit, we’re cool. 🙂

  2. Mark Leigh says:

    I like to remember the unease of the banners as registered ownership grows and wonder if they believe unregistered weapons are being registered or the truth

  3. Tennessee Budd says:

    I used to feel the same way, but then I figured that between numerous arrests & the US Navy, they already knew who I was. Now I have a TN HCP & an FFL. I’m too crippled to run. If they want me, they’ll come find me.

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