That faint odor in the background…

…is the scent of the Feds’ case against the Hutaree as it starts to decompose.

If half of what the feds claim about the Hutaree is true, they are absolutely and squarely within the demographic our masters like to call “domestic terrorists.” And we all know what feds love to do to enemies of the Constitution terrorists, foreign or domestic. Yupper, they like to throw them under the prison, bury the key in a concrete dam somewhere, and deny Habeas Corpus until the sun goes cold.

So…what’s the deal with the Hutaree walking free on bond?

Well, they’re not free yet. The federal prosecutor got a delay, pending – er – some line of reasoning he seems to have mislaid at the moment…

on Monday evening, Judge Roberts put her ruling on hold pending the prosecutions arguments as to their plans for appeal that are due to her on Wednesday afternoon. Prosecutors asked for that time so that they can consult with the U.S. Justice Department about a possible appeal to the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati. The judge expects prosecutors to convince her that they can succeed in their appeal before she will continue to deny the militia members bond.

Now, riddle me this: A federal prosecutor can’t convince a federal judge (hint – they both have the same logo on their paychecks) that a bunch of domestic terrorists should be treated like – terrorists? After a thorough investigation by the brave goons and goonettes of the Fidelity Bravery and Integrity Bureau? How could this be? Is something rotten in the state of the Justice Department?

Couldn’t have anything to do with that amazingly competent “undercover agent” they had on the case. Could it?

H/T to Examiners David Codrea and Kevin Wilmeth.

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