The accidental mousetrap

I’ve always had an issue with mice in the Jeep. They just live in there: Sometimes if I’m driving on an abnormally smooth bit of dirt road a mouse will pop out of the instrument panel and watch the show through the windshield, I’m not making this up.

Attempts at catching the more brazen ones with mousetraps have ended badly: I spent most of June breathing out the window because of the rotting stench of one that almost got away, whose corpse I could never find.

But last night while it was raining, three of them decided to capture themselves for me. I left a big bucket in the Jeep, on the floor in front of the shotgun seat, for hauling sand up from the wash to fill some erosion holes and when I happened to look inside this morning…

…there they were, looking most bodaciously unhappy.

I left them there as I drove to meet D&L for the Monday morning water run, stopped about a mile from the Lair, and dumped them out for a new and happy life anywhere else but my Jeep. Alas they found the trip – and however long they’d been trapped in the bucket – so traumatizing they couldn’t even run away…

All three of them just crouched where they landed, shivering so badly I wonder if they even survived.

Non, you know, that I care a lot…

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3 Responses to The accidental mousetrap

  1. Ben says:

    Try some bait in that bucket? But not so much that you attract rats from beyond the Jeep!

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