The Ammo Counter of Futility

In the crappy little town nearest where I live, the only drugstore is also the only ammo retailer. In theory.

According to the lady I talked to yesterday morning they actually do move some ammo – it’s just that the paltry weekly shipment they receive comes on Tuesday – and my one regular town trip is Monday. So to me, the counter always looks like this.

Fortunately an earlier ammo panic taught me the virtues of planning ahead. So while my supply is limited I’m not as empty as that display counter.

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7 Responses to The Ammo Counter of Futility

  1. Tim McCann says:

    So it’s not just the little Crappy towns, but all towns and cities. I live in Hampton Roads Virginia. We have Bass Pro, Cabela’s, Dicks, Walmart, and dozens of assorted Gun/Pawn shops. And we have the Gun Shows once a quarter. Ammo is slim to none in most places. if the do have it it’s for top dollar prices.

    And the other part of the equation is that the pawn/guns stores used to have a large supply of firearms. Not now, I can get expensive high end Rifles and pistols. but the normal stuff is gone.

  2. It’s everywhere. I’m glad I bought some before this, but I didn’t buy enough.
    Just out of curiosity, Joel, what is the little bit of ammo they did have? 10-gauge or something equally obscure?

  3. “So while my supply is limited”

    Whaddya need?

  4. Ditto on what Commander Zero asked: What do you need?

  5. Joel says:

    Tennessee Budd: 28 gauge.

    CZ and ERJ: I’m doing pretty well, actually. Not getting in as much practice as I’d like. Lowest on 5.56, probably like everybody else.

  6. mattexian says:

    I think my Wally World doesn’t even have that gauge, any more. When I last had a wild hair to buy some ammo (last summer), I lucked out in finding a couple boxes of exactly what I was looking for, 38 Spl ratshot, before the prices for *anything* got super crazy.

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