The frost begins to melt…

I have to go to town this morning to do the thing I failed to accomplish Saturday, buy some propane. The Jeep is covered in thick hard frost in the shadow of the Lair, so I went out to let it warm up. Then I climbed a little way up the hillside behind the Lair to see how much progress the bedroom roof had made in shedding its snow load, and saw the frost just starting to melt from the solar panels and south-facing cement board.

Today’s supposed to be a repeat of yesterday, frigid in the morning and ankle-deep in slush in the afternoon. To my surprise the ground is still most snow covered and I hope a lot of it is sublimating rather than melting because that might have an effect on the inevitable mud which will still undoubtedly be epic, though delayed.

Really time to get on with it now. Hear me whine.

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2 Responses to The frost begins to melt…

  1. Just shaking my head Joel. SW Michigan is at 37 degrees, green grass, no snow and buckets of rain. I just love the snake weather pattern that dips on the SW the arcs up with warm air to my location, then arcs back down dumping snow on the east coast. and heavy rain on down to the southeast. No complaints other than the mud. Heck if this keeps up will be mowing my lawn in March. Yeah, I know, lawn – what is that he says…..

  2. Jim Price says:

    Snow? Mud? Cold? Overcast? Joel, I think you moved to the wrong desert.

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