The Lair is too small for Fetch…

But Tobie does the best he can.

He’ll go nuts with one of his toys for a while, keeping himself occupied…

But sooner or later he’ll see if he can get me involved in the game.

This is nothing I ever taught him; I’ve never found Fetch especially stimulating and I’m too old to even pretend keeping up with a rambunctious puppy. But it does seem to be hardwired into some of them. Maybe when he gets off the leash I’ll introduce him to the wonders of tennis balls.

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6 Responses to The Lair is too small for Fetch…

  1. Eric says:

    Two things I really love in this world Puppies and Toddlers. They are able to feed themselves and wipe their own bottoms and still remain innocent and pure. Babies and teens not so much, trust me the Moose is 14 and can’t manage to do either. 🙂


  2. Robert says:

    You kids take that outsi {CRASH} gawdammit that was my favorite lamp!
    Enjoy yer big pup; they grow up so fast.

  3. Robert says:

    “wonders of tennis balls”
    With one ah them ball thrower stick things. After first teaching him to bring the damn ball back, of course.

  4. Steve Walton says:

    Robert, I do believe you’re referring to Jai Alai. Those ball thrower stick things have thrown balls clocked at 187 miles per hour. Most definitely teach Tobie to return the ball first!

  5. alan says:

    I realize you have a small space there, but you can still play an abbreviated form of fetch. It will do you both good, Toby gets activity, and bonding with you. Maybe not a tennis ball, but grab a toy and play with him.

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