The things I see without my camera…

I’ve been playing with my new camera off and on in what passes for my spare time, which is to say not as much as I’d prefer. Of course I don’t leave it in the Jeep, obviously because I’d need a Pelican case to keep it out of the dust, so I often get caught with photographic opportunities and no good camera.

Not really convinced the Olympus could have done justice to this particular opportunity anyway. We’re nearly to the new moon, it was a cloudless sunrise and I was at D&L’s gate at 5:30 or quarter to six. I looked to the east, and…

How cool is that?

Unfortunately there’s only so much an iPhone can do with it…

…and as I said the Olympus isn’t that much better in low-light situations. Maybe if I mounted it on a tripod and cranked the exposure. You don’t get a perfect crescent and star with just that aurora of sunlight over the hills every month. But the objective of the exercise was to feed horses and get back home to my coffee, so no.

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3 Responses to The things I see without my camera…

  1. Mike says:

    The photo of the crescent moon is beautiful.

    There’s an astrophysicist named Dr Becky Smethurst who likes to call this moon phase a toenail moon. If you are interested you may want to follow her Night Sky News Monthly on Youtube

  2. In my best German accent:

    Use the tripod!

  3. As with another comment at another fine blog recently – my plain text URL not only gets turned ‘live’ but invokes a yootoob embed – sorry about that. Didn’t intend to go so ‘high impact’…

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