These people are making me sick today.

It’s inescapable. The repubs are melting down, going through all the Kübler-Ross stages simultaneously and wondering how on earth they ended up here. And the conclusion, everything having been said is, “The odious guy with the orange comb-over is our guy. Let’s all pretend we’re happy to be voting for him.”

Really? If somehow you ended up with Benito Mussolini as your candidate – which the republicans have – you’ll go ahead and vote for him anyway because the other guys are running Madam Ceausescu and so your guy is the lesser evil?

Does principle ever kick in with these people? They keep telling me what principled conservatives they are. But now they’re thrust into a situation where there is no lesser evil, there’s only evil. A principled person would dish up a big steaming bowl of
And then he’d let it all fall down, rather than be a party to evil. But I’m not reading very many articles written by principled people today.

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6 Responses to These people are making me sick today.

  1. Judy says:

    There are no “principled people” when you reach their level. They have all sold their souls to get where they are. That’s why I remained a peasant when I worked and as I get older I’m adding hermit to my descriptors.

  2. MJR says:

    Joel it’s not just you who sees this luney tune as a threat, there are countries in Europe who are debating if he should be banned from entry.

    From up here where I am in Canada it looks like the whole American system is out of whack, kinda like a great golden oak that has rotted from the inside and is ripe to topple at the first major wind and Trump is that wind. There is an old Chinese curse “May you live in interesting times.” Well I would say we are all living in interesting times. Keep your head down, have another small glass of bourbon and sit tight till this all blows over one way or another.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’m not too worried if Trump makes pasts the Hildabeast and becomes POTUS. Politicians routinely promise legislation that rarely makes it past election day to begin with. I think what scares people are executive actions taken by the current president that aren’t protested by the opposition party. Republicans asleep at the wheel – which got them in the pickle they find themselves in now.

    I have no doubt that if (when ?) Trump exercised the same use of power, he would run into a buzz saw. Obama gets away with ’emergency actions’ – Trump would not get the same pass.

  4. Jim Smith says:

    Trump is neither as bad as some say nor as good as others say. In politics. principles are what politicians demand other people have.

    As for the European countries talking about banning Trump. That will just make him even more popular with Americans. Arrogant asshat euro snobs virtue signaling and wallowing in their imagined superiority while their countries are going down the toilet don’t impress me as people whose opinions I should have any respect for.

    Considering who the Europeans allow and even invite, into their countries – being banned would be a compliment.

  5. Tam says:

    GOP Loyalist: “Vote for your party.”

    Me: “I plan to. I voted for yours the last couple of elections and look where it got us.

    I’d considered just returning to not voting, but I want to make sure they don’t mistake my annoyance for apathy. Studying candidates to see what’s downballot, but if I have to, I’ll turn in an empty one with “find some real choices” scribbled in the margin.

  6. Joat says:

    If you insist of voting, just check the write slot and put none.

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