They…they LIED? I’m so disillusioned!

Yup. It’s shocking, I know.

You know those whole-body airport scanners that could never, ever store the image of your naked bod, no matter how sweetly you asked? Well, they’ve been storing images left and right.

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One Response to They…they LIED? I’m so disillusioned!

  1. I always said that this is the new priest hood type job category for pedophiles. Imagine unlimited pictures of naked children to sell and drool over? I was called just plain crazy I was. These scanners can not be used that way.

    Now we know that these babies have the capability of saving, storing these pictures. I am soooo comforted by the knowledge that only the authorities can and do save these scans only for some sort of greater good I am sure….

    Heh the word verification is hottape……

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