This gun even sounds ugly.

It’s literally ugly in the dark, since that’s where I first saw it, and my instant reaction was, “Dear God, what is THAT?”

M got roped into selling some guns for a friend – the only person I’ve ever met who actually may have too many guns, because he’s quite out of places to put them all and that includes several CONEX containers – and while he was rummaging around in a backpack for the wheelgun he’d brought for me to look at, this…thing…came out.

“Dear God, what is THAT?”

M looked a little embarrassed and a lot disdainful.  This is a guy who can give an hour’s disquisition on Finnish machine guns at the drop of any hat, and will. This is a guy who knows the type of Wehrmacht stamp on that historic Hi-Power. The pistol should have dissolved in his presence.

“Oh, it’s a Hi Point.” Then he rapidly changed the subject.

It was so … I was almost afraid to touch it at first. But…well, you know. Izza gun. It made a hollow, rattling noise as I picked it up, or when I moved it to any new angle. I’d thought, till that moment, that I’d seen cheap and cheezy. But this… It was fascinatingly ugly. If forced to go on Jihad with this gun, any Mujahideen would shave his head and become a nun instead. I would allow a rattlesnake to bite me on the throat, rather than undergo the humiliation of shooting it with this gun. No machine tool should have survived the embarrassment of being involved in its construction. It’s just …


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7 Responses to This gun even sounds ugly.

  1. Dangit, Joel, I’m going to be giggling for hours over that.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think it looks oddly charming! If it’s a give-away, I’ll gladly take it. K

  3. Anonymous says:

    A brand-new handgun that sells for less then $140? Maybe it is ugly, but I’m pretty damned impressed. S&W couldn’t build that gun for $400, not that I will ever buy anything from them. But I have to admire the engineering, manufacturing, and distribution prowess required to produce a pistol for so little money.

    Now if you told me it didn’t work, that would be a different story, but the reviews I read were really quite positive. Ugly, heavy yes. Reliable, yes. Cheap, yes.

    Poor people need self defense tools too!


  4. M says:

    Most of them don’t work, at least not the ones I’ve used. When I wanted a cheap pistol, I spent $100 on a PA63 that works great.

  5. David III says:

    I have the .40 SW version, I shoot it regularly, never had a jam or misfire with it, it hits where I aim out to 60 ft and further when I am steady. It comes with a LIFETIME warranty and it’s American made. Ugly? Well that’s in the eye of the beholder.

  6. Joel says:

    Hee hee – “Why do you hate poor people, Joel?”

    I wasn’t going for controversy here. But it’s a hoot when it happens anyway. 8^D

  7. MamaLiberty says:

    I have one in 9mm. It’s the “car gun.” I bought one because a friend and his sons carry nothing else – and have for years.

    Yes it is ugly. It is HEAVY and it kicks like a mule – straight blow back. Fair balance and good grip. Only 10 rounds in the magazine. (I have three spares.)

    But it works. It eats ANY ammo, and it has never even burped. I have spoken personally to the company president. I called because it is a bear to take down for deep cleaning. The man said all I needed to do was mop and swab the bore and action chamber. Then he said that if it ever fouled enough that I had problems with it, to send it to him and he’d clean it, fix it or replace it. Lifetime. Whoever bought it from me too.

    Can’t go wrong with a guarantee like that.

    It’s not my favorite gun to shoot, but in an emergency it might save my life if my GOOD $550. carry gun decided to poop out on me.

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