This is a new low…

How cold is it? It’s so cold…

…that not even Tobie wanted to be out in it. Halfway up the first rise he started prancing like a Lippizaner horse, trying to keep at least one paw away from the snow and frozen ground at a time. At last, before we even got to the driveway, he stopped and took a massive dump right in the path – he has never done this before – and then immediately wanted to go back home. So did I – but ironically I needed ice for the cooler so we had to continue to Ian’s freezer. Also ironically, I could have saved the trip if I’d just put the ice jug out on the porch overnight.

Yesterday never got out of the 20’s. Today’s supposed to be even colder, and tonight might go below zero for the first time all winter. But it’s forecast to get milder starting tomorrow. The only outdoor chore I have planned is horses’ lunch.

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