This must be some sort of record…

First week in January, and it’s in the sixties. I’m walking around outside in a longsleeve t-shirt. It’s almost obscene. Clear sky, warm breeze. Any nicer and we’ll have to arm up to keep the tourists away.

This morning I brought the first of Ian’s fancy targets out of Landlady’s barn – where the dirt and accumulated humidity are not being kind to them – in an effort to make room for them in his powershed. I thought I was going to need more work cleaning and lubing this mini-Mozambique than it really needed. But these things are really floppy on their lumber, and even this little one doesn’t work well.

Came back later , turned it to face away from the wash so bullet frags wouldn’t be an issue on windows or solar panels, and couldn’t get it to reset reliably until I braced it forward from the rear. That seemed to do the trick – but I have to say I’m not real impressed with how these things sit on their 2X4 props. Flopping around the way they do, it’s hard for bullets to make them do their trick.

Around half past one I got a call from Neighbor L…

She went to town for a doctor’s appointment and came back with a few hay bales. Neither of them are really up to schlepping bales yet, so I came over and stacked them in the hay room.

And now, after a snack, I’m going back outside in this nice weather and putting my chainsaw to bed for the season. This far in, it doesn’t look likely that any weather emergency is going to empty the woodshed this season.

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6 Responses to This must be some sort of record…

  1. Mike says:

    I was outside this afternoon clearing away the last dump of snow from my driveway. It was sunny and -19F with the windchill. I hate you… 😉

  2. Ben says:

    “ it doesn’t look likely that any weather emergency is going to empty the woodshed this season.”

    …and the universe giggled!

  3. Joel says:

    🙂 Yeah, I thought about that as soon as I hit “send.” But in fact the woodshed is still nearly full.

  4. paul b says:

    Good to be ready

  5. Judy says:

    I see I’m not the only one, cause one word came to mind when you made that statement about the chainsaw – Murphy.

  6. Kentucky says:

    Two weeks ago it was sixty degrees here.

    Today the high may be twenty degrees.

    Tomorrow it’s gonna get cold.

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