“This must be what it feels like to go crazy.”

So just now I got a comment related to this post from The Grey Lady, who said:

Heh…… your broad has managed to elevate the family personal chef (Mr. Kass) to Senior Policy adviser for healthy Food Initiatives. Yup she made him your new food Czar.

What ever happened to the days when the Title Czar had negative connotations? I miss those days.

Er…hadn’t heard about that. So I did just a little bit of Google-fu, and came up with this unfortunate news:

WASHINGTON–Sam Kass, the Chicago native who is a White House chef who helps shape the Obama White House food initiatives, title has been upgraded to reflect his growing policy role.

“Kass has been quietly promoted within the ranks at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and is no longer known as Mrs. Obama’s Food Initiative Coordinator. About a month ago, according to a White House source, Kass’ title was changed from “Food Initiative Coordinator” to Senior Policy Adviser For Healthy Food Initiatives. There has been little fanfare, and no formal announcement from the East Wing or the White House about Kass’ promotion.

The new title more accurately reflects Kass’ broad range of duties, as internal and external expert on all things health, kids, and food.”

The East Wing told me Kass’ title was changed to better reflect his role and he will not have any new duties.

Before coming to the White House, Kass was the Obama’s personal chef.

You’re right, GL. “Czar” used to be a bad word. But technically he’s not a Czar, he’s a…um…”Senior Policy Advisor.” On, um, Healthy Food Initiatives.

So that’s all right then. Because the Constitution is very clear on healthy food initiatives, you know. It doesn’t mention them at all, so they’re clearly not forbidden to the government. It’s a strange, strange world we live in.

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3 Responses to “This must be what it feels like to go crazy.”

  1. Best part is you don’t have a right to even know what this non-czar is making as Senior policy adviser on organic back kitchen gardens. He is being paid out of the House staff budget to advise..on policy …in regards to healthy food initiatives.

    Here a Czar, there a Non-Czar every where you look a new Czar, Old Obama made his animal farm. E I E I OOOOO…

    Sorry I am still thinking in terms of music.:O)

    Heh… even the spell check doesn’t think much of Mr. Obama , it hasn’t been updated to stop picking up Obama as an error.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Good god, they have a new Czar every week. Even the first lady gets to appoint them now!

    Seems like every first lady we get ends up rolling out a bunch of fucking childish nanny state mandates. I’d be glad if we ever got a president who stayed single.

    (sorry, just venting…)

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