Tobie Meets a Horse

He’s seen the horses many times, of course – but always from safely way up on the shotgun seat of the Jeep. Yesterday … well, let’s just say he noticed a significant height disadvantage.

After lunch we went to D&L’s to help them unload a ton of horse pellets. There’s 40 50-pound sacks, so with the three of us working it only takes 20 minutes or so. Tobie watched from the Jeep, happy to get greetings and scritches from two nice strangers. But when we were done, L (for whatever reason) asked me to bring him out of the Jeep on his leash to visit Coaltrain.

Tobie entered the barn and was immediately overwhelmed by all the wonderful smells which must be investigated at detailed length. At first he didn’t even notice the big black horse right there at the grating. But when he did … he looked waaaaay up … and informed me that he’d be waiting at the Jeep for my return.

I brought him over to the barrier, where D&L were waiting. He was delighted to greet them, but shied away every time he got a side-eye glimpse of that absurdly tall, strong-looking animal. Coal likes dogs, hasn’t had one since Butch died, and was really trying to be welcoming. Tobie wanted to touch noses, he kept timorously slinking closer, but then lost his nerve every time.

I suspect they’d be great friends within a few days of regular contact. This is after all the same puppy who was once, briefly, lay-down-and-piss-yourself terrified of Jeep rides. But this was the first time Tobie had ever actually met a horse on equal terms, and he never realized how big the damned things are. We got a chuckle out of it.

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One Response to Tobie Meets a Horse

  1. Robert says:

    To give his little doggy brain credit, staying away from an absurdly tall, strong creature of unknown intent seems prudent. I hope they become buddies.

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