Tobie’s second – or possibly first – kill…

My uncertainty derives from the first one not being a confirmed kill – these things are important in the life of a young gangsta – when he was still very young he disappeared for a while and came back with a bedraggled rat in his jaws which he considered to be still in an edible condition, but I’ve never been entirely sure if he killed the rat or just found it.

But this morning he definitely killed a sparrow…

It got inside yesterday afternoon, nothing unusual about that. Normally I can catch them in the woodstove or when they fly to the front window, but that window now happens to be right above his bed and he scared it away. He and the sparrow spent the rest of the evening annoying me, and I hoped to be able to catch and release it sometime today.

I heard Tobie crashing around in the main cabin around four this morning, and I thought I heard an unusual squeak before he settled back down. Guess I was right. An hour later I suited up to take him for his early walkie, and in the light from my headlamp I saw some odd debris on his bed. Turned out to be feathers, so I guess I can forget worrying about how I’m going to catch the bird; Tobie took care of that.

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One Response to Tobie’s second – or possibly first – kill…

  1. Ben says:

    A pet parakeet would probably be a bad idea.

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