Today I was the Mighty Woodsman!

D&L are behind schedule on their strawbale wall-making, and got tired of looking at the big pile of needs-to-be-split wood I left them last month. So they hired me to split and stack it. Took four hours to split it, stack it and clean the area all up good. Need to keep these people happy with my work.

Now and then I get a glimpse of how far I’ve come physically, since moving here. Cubicle-rat Joel couldn’t have done some of the things I now do casually. I’m skinnier, grayer, more ragged and – heaven knows – habitually dirtier than I was four years ago, but I’m much stronger and have better stamina. Feels good.

Actually what’ll feel good now is a long, cool shower.

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One Response to Today I was the Mighty Woodsman!

  1. The choir’s uniforms are inaccurate. RCMP sterotyping..tsk….. tsk. Last time I saw it so bad was in an old B&W movie and the RCMP officer was in woods ( on his trusty steed…of course) with his lucky lady love, serenading her with this was little catchy ditty……

    Caution: above is guaranteed to kill something…. good taste, hearing, need to eat any time soon ….not sure what , the effect is different for everyone. Proceed at your own risk.

To the stake with the heretic!