Welcome to Kamchatka, Arizona

Gad, but it’s nice to see the sky again.

My batteries think so, too.

They were as low as I’ve ever seen them before sunrise, but unless things change dramatically I can count on a nice soaking charge at mid-day.

Of course there’s a price to pay for that…

Even so, it was actually very pleasant to make my rounds this morning. I did the chickens and then went and checked on Landlady’s mousetraps and some properties I normally look in on from time to time, just to catch up. The snow is squeaking and I left the Jeep up at Ian’s turn-around because sliding down the steep part of my driveway is no fun at all, but other than that it was quite nice. I find to my surprise that, after all these years, I’m finally pretty well equipped for a long cold spell.

The temperature is scheduled to warm up on Saturday, at which point all this snow will turn to mud and I’ll go back to hating life. 🙁

ALSO: I find that I have been remiss! I’ve not paid the slightest attention to my Paypal account, and was just this minute informed by the TUAK Chief Financial Officer that several people have hit the tip jar in the past, er, month or more. Sorry about not acknowledging that, but the truth is I forgot it was there. Serendipitous, though, because I was just fretting over how much propane I’ve burned through so far this winter. Thanks to all who contribute, at the tip jar, care packages, or just commenting from time to time and letting me know you’re out there. I do appreciate it.

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3 Responses to Welcome to Kamchatka, Arizona

  1. Paypal sends me an email and a Paypal phone app notification each time some wonderful, intelligent, generous benefactor sends me a donation. That way I can send an (almost) immediate “thank you”. But, then, I don’t usually have much of importance going on. I’m on the computer several hours each day, writing and reading for ideas to write about. Yawn.

    I don’t know how your Paypal is set up, but personally I wouldn’t expect you to be in a position to notice every donation as soon it comes in– you have real-world events to be dealing with and things like email are bound to be less compelling in your situation. I think your readers (and donors) understand and appreciate that.
    Stay warm.

  2. Mark Matis says:

    If you’re worried about running out of propane, just feed Laddie some beans and you’ll get free methane in return! That is a far better global warming gas than mere CO2…


  3. K.M. says:

    I sent a couple bucks via PayPal recently. I enjoy your blog, find it entertaining, and believe in supporting folks like you. Thank you for what you do!

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