What’s wrong with this picture?


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20 Responses to What’s wrong with this picture?

  1. Cookie says:

    Sorry, Will they redo it with corect spelling?

  2. Ben says:

    Surely Torso Boy could hear cattle as well as any dog, so technically it’s correct.

  3. Joel says:

    😀 You mean Toroso Boy?

  4. Joel says:

    We’re working on the question of what they’re going to do about this absurd screwup.

  5. Jeffersonian says:


    Don’t know whether to be encouraged that it’s not just me who has to deal with subliterate incompetents, or discouraged that they really are everywhere.

  6. czechsix says:

    Well, Laddie is still giving us chuckles, so there’s that.

  7. Terrapod says:

    Mexican engraver? Heard cattle and Toroso (which means Bull likein Spanish) Boy? Hope they re do correct it.

  8. Judy says:

    Oh my, it looks like Murphy is working double over-time on that one.

  9. Zack says:



    1. Strong, robust.

    Velazquez® Spanish and English Dictionary. Copyright © 2007 by Velazquez® Press. All rights reserved.

  10. The Old Man says:

    Obviously a Common Core or ESL graduate.

    Send Ian around to see the miscreant and reason with him. Laddie deserves no less than a proper memorial to a life well lived.

  11. Kentucky says:

    Question is . . . what was on the copy given to the engraver? 😉

  12. bravokilo says:

    “They” can put photorealistic pictures on birthday cakes. Shirley they could do a pic that resembles a corgi. That engraving looks like a Husky caught doing something wrong.

  13. Norman says:

    Well, Shirley – oops, sorry, that’s “bravokilo” – that’s what happens when you load the autocorrect module on your engraver.

    What do you want to bet they fix the “Toroso” and the “heard” but it comes back with “Corgi’s”? (Because the engraver has never “herd” of a dog breed pronounced “Core Gis”, and, per Dave Barry, apostrophes are used to indicate “there is an ‘s’ coming.”)

  14. Mike says:

    Oh, Joel, the only thing worse with stuff like this is when the writing is part of a tattoo. I hope you guys manage to get it sorted out sooner rather than later. Torso Boy deserves to be laid to rest properly, and you need closure.

  15. patrick fowler says:

    Hi Joel …Been in the sign biz 40+ years …these things do happen…worst I ever saw was when a friend that had a sign biz screen printed 5000 wooden bicardi rum crates…all were mispelled. My best one was when I made 5 signs ( all hand painted ) for a catering company called cuisine unlimited…mine said cusine x 5. When that happens in a sign shop it needs to be redone NOW! Your monument guy should get right on it.

  16. Robert says:

    I presume the order was given via phone.

    My graduated-high-school landlord insists he was never taught how to use the apostrophe; his writing supports his claim. Dave Barry is correct, unfortunately.

  17. Joe Porter says:

    I used to teach this stuff. Enraged doesn’t even come close.

    Literacy is pretty basic stuff.

  18. I’m with Kentucky.

    I order signs on occasion – I send mock-ups – they send me proofs – I approve or edit. They don’t print without my approval and commitment – and there’s a chain of responsibility if things go rong.

  19. Joel says:

    Yeah, you guys are trying to apply logic to a situation in which logic has completely broken down. The story as I remember it: Landlady used to order these things from a small company called Peternity. Peternity didn’t actually own the gear for making the monuments, they subcontracted that. Then the people who owned the company name sold it to some other people who proceeded to shit all over it until their Yelp scores glowed radioactive green and they went out of business entirely.

    But the people who actually made the actual things still owned all the gear and dies for making pet headstones. Landlady, being a wizard with a telephone, tracked them down somehow and got them to take money to make 3 – Laddie’s and two more you’ll see in due order when I get them planted. Unfortunately, while these people seem capable of etching letters and designs into marble, things like editing throughputs and spelling skills were not mentioned – and as you see, not present.

  20. Kentucky says:

    Things went wrong at the “subcontracted” junction. Never fails.

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