“Who run Bartertown?”

Oh, there’s something in the air and it’s got my nose running day and night. All last week was rainy, and now it has turned clear and hot. Something’s spreading pollen and it has gone straight to my sinuses. Surprised I got as much sleep as I did, but I’m up for chores this morning.

Get some laundry going…

Meanwhile check out the situation inside Ian’s Cave. The temperature is slowly climbing – will certainly pass 70 before the end of May. It’s up 20 degrees from the winter low.

The attacks on the paper products have stopped…

…but they continued after I got that one pregnant female, so I assume there’s an active nest somewhere. And there’s no question that there’s at least one active adult, because…

…one of them struck a blow against the empire, and very recently. This Shall Not Stand.


I moved the dogfood sack, cleaned up the mess and left a present in its place. This fails to work with surprising frequency: We’ll see.

On another front…

In the Forever War over who owns my reloading bench (Why do they like it there so much?) the enemy suffered another casualty. I do not know how mice are getting into the powershed, I can’t find any external light sources betraying mouseholes, but they’re getting in. I could say the same thing for the Cave: It was mouse-free for years but now the battle has moved inside.

Non-rodent-related chores continue…

I finished the repair on that powershed eave, and…

…general Spring yard cleanup has commenced.

Hooza good boy?

I serviced the Honda generator yesterday and intended to cut accumulated firewood this morning but my sinuses are in such a state that a snootful of sawdust would prostrate me. So that’ll have to wait.

And now, our moment of zen.

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One Response to “Who run Bartertown?”

  1. Malatrope says:

    You need to get your sinuses cleared up before you get a good rain. There’s nothing like the smell of the blooming desert during a rainstorm (or even a light one).

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