Wow, lots of water.

I guess there was a lot of water in that storm last night. After shit-shoveling I went out to work on the lair. The good news is that the trench I’ve been working on at the foot of the gully behind the Lair seems to be working. Enough water ran in it to cut the trench deeper, and it turned its corner nicely rather than overflowing and flooding the cabin site.

The bad news is that it then tried to wash my driveway into California.

Clay washed down from the ridge and filled up the small trench between the water hose/spigot and the Lair; no big deal.

And I now know the septic system’s leach trench is pointed in the right direction. Unfortunately it’s nowhere near as deep as it was yesterday.

The sky cleared up this morning right around full light, but as I type this it’s clouding up for another shot this afternoon. It’s definitely monsoon season.

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