You have your idea of interior decoration…

…and I have mine.

gadsden 2

The desert is a very dusty place. The Secret Lair is in the desert. And I’m not exactly Martha Stewart, which means in a syllogistic sort of way that the Secret Lair is, for the most part, a very dusty place. The flags are large yellow things that stretch the whole width of the cabin, so you’d think I’d notice they were getting awfully … awful. But as with the many cobwebs, I just mostly don’t see them anymore.

Still, enough is enough. It’s spring, the windows are open, I’m shifting from winter to summer bedding, and things I’d edited out of my consciousness forced their way back in. The railings and odd corners of the loft were thick with ick, and the flags were extremely dusty. So I did a bit of cleaning today.

You have your idea of laundry, and I have mine. 🙂

gadsden 1

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  1. I think that’s beautiful. LOL

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