You’re not a real pistol operator…

…Until you can perform the Jet Li Maneuver.

Of course when you’re Gun Jesus, you don’t do it with a measly Beretta 92. Any highly skilled Chinese actor can do that. Quick: Name an obscure antique Czech pistol on which it can be done quicker, easier and without cheating.

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2 Responses to You’re not a real pistol operator…

  1. Kentucky says:

    Yeah, yeah . . . let’s see him do it with a S&W revolver, and just swinging the cylinder out doesn’t count.


  2. Mike says:

    Very interesting. Total Hollywood BS, but interesting.

    Here’s another example, where a guy is disarmed. The only thing wrong, is that there still is a bullet in the chamber of the pistol after the deed is done… but it looks cool.

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