Zero Tolerance or Zero Intelligence?

Oh, my. What Jovian wisdom doth come with the office of School Principal:

QUEEN CREEK, Ariz. — A kindergartner was suspended for “intent” — finding a knife and thinking about taking it to school, even though he decided not to.

Josh Bejerano, 5, showed CBS 5 News the bush where he and his friends found a pocket knife Thursday morning on their way to school.

“It was in that bush right by that house,” said Josh.

The kindergartner briefly put the knife in his backpack, but thought better of it and put it down.

“It was a bad idea, bringing the knife. It could hurt somebody,” said Josh.

The small knife remained in the park, well off of school grounds.

But when the other boys started talking about it at Harmon Elementary, Josh was called into the principal’s office, and ultimately suspended. He was sent home on Thursday.

Okay, the kid was finally let back into his class so he could “graduate kindergarten” with the rest of his “class.” So all’s well, right?

Can’t say for sure. When little Josh was asked what lesson he’d drawn from the incident…

Josh said next time he finds a knife, he will simply, “Leave it alone.”

Yeah, diplomatically spoken, Josh. But what you really learned was that the people in charge of ruining your life are a pack of morons. Right? C’mon – admit it.

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One Response to Zero Tolerance or Zero Intelligence?

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is insane. How did these these twisted bizarre people ever get to positions where this could even be thought about let alone happen?

To the stake with the heretic!