20 bales with D&L

Got a text from D&L first thing this morning asking if I could hold myself ready to help with hay if the local feed store had any. I said sure, even if I’d had other plans I’d have changed them for that.

Just got back and I have to say D is doing great for a guy who got out of the hospital from a stroke a month ago. I had to take over stacking duty which is normally his station and he didn’t like it; he worked the hand truck but kept insisting on helping me with the high bales and only admitted he was out of steam on the very last one. Complained as we were cleaning up that his abilities were coming back well enough but he got frustrated by how quickly he tired. I told him the usual (true) platitudes about how well he was doing for so recent a stroke, and that he was just going to have to get used to being told to be patient. He really is doing remarkably well.

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2 Responses to 20 bales with D&L

  1. Robert says:

    Good for D!

    My Dad thought he was having another stroke and decided he should finish his wood-working project before seeking medical attention. Turns out one of the lenses fell out of his glasses…

  2. mattexian says:

    Cheers for D! I get that, wanting to do the job, but body says, “Pfft, yeah, right!” Finally finished my maintenance chemo after a second round of fighting Hodgkins lymphoma, and there were times I’d try to do a job (mowing the yard, as an example) and have to pace myself with lots of breaks, or call it off before barely beginning, and retreating inside to call for professional help. Ain’t no shame in admitting the body isn’t ready yet, even tho the mind insists otherwise, as this is how we rebuild while finding the limits.

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