A word to my gay friends…

From the irrepressible Milo Yiannopoulos

We can’t go on like this. We can’t live in an America where gays fear going to night clubs, where satirists fear execution for their speech, where cartoonists consider whether their next drawing might get them killed.

Today’s killings prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that we need to give particular scrutiny to certain faiths. Gays, apostates, and women are tired of being abused, harassed, and murdered by followers of the “religion of peace.”

I hinted yesterday that I’m in the painful process of reevaluating certain long-held practices. I’m not enjoying it, I’m not certain the process is leading me in a correct direction, and I’m pretty certain I’m not going to like what I find when and if I arrive.

I have traveled and worked in Saudi and the other Gulf states. I have casually known hundreds of devout Muslims: Worked with them in shops, in my classroom, shared meals in their homes, smoked hookahs and drank tea with them in their clubs. I’ve never pretended to admire Islam, but I have esteemed many Muslims and was perfectly content to peaceably leave them to their world. Those I knew seemed perfectly content to peaceably leave me to mine. I have discussed religion with some – a subject I carefully avoid with Americans – and while they certainly don’t apologize for the violently evangelistic nature of certain Muslim teachings it must also be said that nobody ever got even slightly violent with me. Most of the ones with whom the subject came up seemed quite aware that their culture was backward as hell, and they were in favor of friendship and trade.

Of course that was 20-odd years ago and Americans were still the good guys. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be welcome in some of those places now.

Still, for many years as Jihad became more and more a topic of conversation and so-called “Islamophobia,” I rushed to the defense. Most Muslims, I said, are just as anxious to see their troublemakers go away as we are. I said it over and over.

You know that thing people say about cops? About how most cops are good and brave and zealous for peace and protection, and it’s only the few bad apples that give them a bad name? And we sneer and say,…
I grow tired of waiting for the peace-loving Muslims to do something about their crazies, and find myself wondering if I’ve been defending the undefendable.

Okay, so I don’t know where that process will lead me, if anywhere. Collectivism is evil, whatever guise it takes, and I’m not going to fall for it without a lot of provocation.

But now I’ll close with something that sounds a little like blaming the victim: I’m damned sick and tired of hearing about crowds of Americans who act like panicked rabbits when they hilariously outnumber their attacker. That guy in that club may have had the initiative, but he should have vanished in a rapidly-expanding pink cloud before he emptied his first magazine. Instead he had the only guns there. In Florida, the state that started the concealed carry movement 30 years ago!

If there was a No Guns sign out front – and I’ll bet there was, and how’d that work out? Huh? – somebody needs to have a word with the proprietor before the club reopens. If you’re not armed and trained, you’re out of time. Carry. No matter what the goddam sign says. Fight! And if you die, and you might, let it be in a pile of hot spent brass rather than a puddle of terror piss.

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9 Responses to A word to my gay friends…

  1. Matt says:

    {quiet golf clap}

  2. Ben says:

    The more you look at that fellow, the harder it’s going to be to pigeonhole him. His parents are apparently Muslims, so doubtless Omar knew what the inside of a mosque is like, but there is no indication that he was a devout Muslim. Also, I doubt if ISIS had ever heard his name until they read it in the news, so he likely acted alone.

    Actually, he was just a local boy who was born and grew up here in the USA. He went to a community college and worked the typical jobs that a young man works growing up, including a job at Chik Fil A. As an adult he worked as a prison guard and then as a rent-a-cop. If you are going to call him a “terrorist”, then don’t forget to add the words “home grown” in front.

    So if he isn’t really a Muslim terrorist what was he? Well there is indication that that he might have been homophobic. So was that it? If so, then why did he hang out at the gay club. According to some reports he was a regular there!

    I think the best pigeonhole for him will likely be “wacko”. The person who probably knew him best, his ex-wife had something to say about that. According to one report: “Mateen’s ex-wife described her former husband as “mentally ill” and “disturbed.””

  3. B says:

    Can’t carry in a club that sells alcohol. State law.

    Gun free by statute, not by sign.

  4. Joel says:

    Obeying that law didn’t work so well.

  5. MJR says:

    Nicely written Joel.

    Reminds me of something Heinlein wrote… “The meek shall inherit the earth or al least a piece that is three feet wide by six feet long by six feet deep.”

  6. Matt, the other says:

    I have been referring the killer as a Democrat Terrorist. Domestics are generally to worn out after working for the rich all day to commit much terrorism.

    About the moderate Muslims. I know quite a few. I get to teach them now and again. Good folk, they come from all over the world. How do I know they are moderates? They wear uniforms of their countries. They fight terrorist in their home country. Islamic terrorists that will kill them and their families because they are not the “right”kind of terrorist.

  7. “Carry. No matter what the goddam sign says.”
    That’s what I’ve been saying for years- and being told I am wrong for saying it. ( https://youtu.be/nnb3sh3p0LE )
    I know… property rights and all that. If you don’t have a right to rape people on your own property, how do you suppose you got a right to disarm them on your own property. If you don’t want people on your property, don’t invite them. If you open your property up for others, don’t demand they leave their right to defend themselves with the proper tools for the job at home.
    If I invite you onto my property, I invite you with all your human rights intact. If I don’t trust you with a gun, the truth is I don’t trust you period, and I’d be an idiot to invite you onto my property.

  8. blindshooter says:

    I saw on some talking head news outlet the killer was a closet gay. That might have been a bit hard on the killer. No reason for him to loose it and kill crowds of Innocents. The religion of peace strikes again and again.

  9. Kentucky says:

    We’re still learning. Apparently he “frequented” that club on occasion and had a reputation for being a very mercurial person, laughing and friendly one moment, violently aggressive the next. He had been on the FBI’s screen for a few years. He was a spouse abuser.

    Whatever, we’re eventually going to realize he was just another of our common, garden variety nutcases that incidentally had Muslim leanings. As we all know, it wasn’t his rifle that’s to blame here. He was a nutjob . . . and there are many, many like him out there.

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