Alternate solution: Big piles of actual horseshit.

Problem! There are too many unemployed Americans, and America doesn’t pump enough oil to satisfy its own needs.

Solution! Hire more people to pump more oil.

Problem! There’s a Snail Darter/Spotted Owl common lizard in the way.

Solution! Stomp, shovel, shut up Stack large numbers of government bureaucrats on the fringes of the oil fields*. Lizards will flock to the resulting clouds of flies.   They will then eat and breed happily on their enhanced habitat.  Everybody’s happy.

Less attractive Violent Solution: Use piles of actual horseshit, rather than the kind emitted by bureaucrats.

*I don’t know if Sand Dune Lizards are an endangered species, but government bureaucrats are definitely not.

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One Response to Alternate solution: Big piles of actual horseshit.

  1. Carl-Bear says:

    I suggest we begin with the ‘crats who wanted to list prairie dogs as endangered.

To the stake with the heretic!