And there it goes again.

I sometimes wonder if the managers of the crappy little food store in the crappy little desert town nearest where I live have even bothered to quantify how much of what ought to be their business they’ve driven to the Safeway in the biggish town about 35 miles away.

Surely the longterm loss of traffic more than offsets whatever they imagine they’re saving by not replacing or permanently fixing their meat reefer. It’s not just meat: Most of the dairy goes in there as well.

The Palace of Food used to be a twice-a-year indulgence for me. Now I tag along with D&L monthly and stock up for the month to the full extent possible because the closer store has deteriorated to the point where you literally can’t depend on being able to buy a dozen eggs at any given time.

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11 Responses to And there it goes again.

  1. Ben says:

    That’s third world country-ish.

  2. Malatrope says:

    Actually, that looks like their display case cooler failed. A local store looked exactly like that here, last year. These are specialized gizmos, and it took them several months to get it fixed/replaced.

  3. Tree Mike says:

    Stupidity abounds! I suffer my fair share, but I try to not inflict it on others.

  4. EdH says:

    Store owner/managers are tight by nature, because the ones that aren’t don’t stay in business long, but this seems a bridge too far.

    But possibly the owner cannot afford a new reefer and is waiting for one to show up on the secondary market.

    You never know though, a Home Depot near me had their panel saw die. It wasn’t fixed for two months … they cost about $2k new. I assume all the contractors took their business to one of the other two HD’s or two Lowe’s in the area. What did the store lose in wood and associated sales (because no one wants to make another stop)? Stupidity abounds.

  5. Nolan Parker says:

    A community might be ahead to look into working with the guy,maybe turn it into a co-op? I’ll bet you aren’t alone in your displeasure with the situation.

  6. Mark Matis says:

    Profit margins are not large for food stores. No matter what the product prices might be.

  7. Spokes says:

    Did you ask for assistance…as the sign suggests?

  8. Anonymous says:

    City folks bitching after moving out to the sticks, always gripe and want the same convenience that city life had. You can always move back hmm.
    Or take the bad along with the good reasons for being there.

  9. bill says:

    Us older geezers are the last of the country boys and girls. Once the kids leave the farm for the bright lights of the city … by the time they miss and appreciate what they left behind, there will not be anything for them to return to. Bought politicians beholding to major corporations are making sure of that. The feminization of men is the last nail on the coffin.

  10. Joel says:

    Did you ask for assistance…as the sign suggests?

    Hell no. Ask assistance of a stranger? D’ye think I live in the back of beyond because of my great people skills? 🙂

  11. Nolan Parker says:

    What HELP would I expect when the Problems are Obvious? Should I expect them to have the stock to pit in the empty spaces hidden somewhere and if Only SOMEone would ASK, they would drag out the dead cooling unit, slap a fresh one in and have a team of people slamming packages of sliced cow muscle in it?
    The critics of the OP are ridiculous. The Gee,move away from the city, notice it’s not as convenient and start crying,,, that guy,, He apparently didn’t notice that the store USED to solve the problems of being in the boonies. I don’t get it.
    It’s been a few days since I read the original post. I sure hope I’m remembering it accurately.

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