And this is why, even if it isn’t raining where you are…

…be careful of dry washes.

I was watching a Youtube video with an earpiece drowning out the rest of the world, having been driven indoors by a threat of rain that had clearly passed. The video ended, and with the return of ambient noise I heard a rushing sound that could not be explained by what little wind was pushing the plants around outside.

Went out on the porch, and sure enough…

Mind you, where I was it had rained about six drops. I had been trying to fit a new doorknob to the distinctly non-standard door on Ian’s Cave, and feeling like a wuss when the lightning and thunder sent me home but then it turned out to be nothing.

But clearly it wasn’t nothing everywhere. Heavy rain on the plateau is likely to find its way down here in the fullness of time.

It wasn’t exactly an overwhelming flood. The wash has been re-sculpting itself lately, with a deep channel on the far side so that my side is usually dry even when the deeper channel is being all dramatic. I mean…

…that’s how far the water was from the Lair.

Still, I wasn’t expecting any water in the wash at all today. And it arrived very suddenly. I wouldn’t have been caught, because I’ve lived here a long time and know when not to take chances around the wash. But it’s just this sort of thing that gets flatlanders killed. “It’s all sandy and flat! No rocks! What a great place to camp!”

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  1. Mark Matis says:

    Haven’t seen any hummingbird posts in quite a while. Nor Phoebe, either. How are they doing?

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