Hopefully the Operation Blazing Sword thing is catching on. As of my last reading there are over 600 volunteers in 49 states offering free defense training. Here’s the current Google map, but I don’t know how to see how many pins are currently on it. Lots.

Of course it’s all for nothing if nobody takes them up on the offer, and I’m not seeing any data on that side of it.

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  1. billf says:

    This seems to be a facebook thing,which is unfortunate cause I’m not on facebook.
    If anyone can get me contact info in a non-facebook way,I am a NRA certified pistol instructor,and teach the North Carolina CCH class,and I will be happy to have a gay friendly pistol class.
    Evil is all around us,and every citizen should know how to protect themselves.

  2. Joel says:

    Yeah, I had the same problem. Send an email to erin.palette@bluecollarprepping.com. Give him/her your name, location, and preferred method of contact. They’ll put you on the map.

    BTW this is a volunteer thing, not for getting business to a regular paid class. You can invite reimbursement for ammo, but in general it’s a contribution.

  3. Mutti says:

    You don’t have to FB to do this, just a contact point. Have to say I was pleasantly surprised to see several folks who I *assumed*’would not consider this complete the process. Ultimately those who created the Stereotypes to continue the division of “Freedom Lovers”, fell into the classic trap that “We” believed them. Signal to noise only works as long as one can’t filter.

  4. Joat says:

    At least one person is taking the offer. I’ve been chatting on IRC with someone who is taking out a new shooter.

  5. sevesteen says:

    I’ve signed up for the Blazing Sword list, as well as volunteered for the newly-reestablished local chapter of the Pink Pistols. I’ll take almost any new shooter to the range as long as they are capable of understanding and following the 4 rules.

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