At some point, if you lecture and wag your finger at me enough, I’ll shrug and walk away.

I had this great post all lined up, or so I thought. A black chick – excuse me, Young Person of Color (POC) – maybe half as old as my favorite knife but not nearly half as experienced, took the time from her busy schedule to write a lengthy screed explaining just how all whites are racist, maybe especially the ones who spend great time and effort to show they’re not. It’s White Privilege, you know. There’s nothing it can’t do.

It was a great piece, well written but with such hackneyed unsupported-assertions-posing-as-arguments that I could have gone 700 words on it easy without ever repeating myself or resorting to profanity. Oh this kid was ripe and ready.

And I should have been mentally framing the fisk of the week, but I just couldn’t get into it. I’m from Detroit, I’ve heard this “white privilege/whites can’t not be racists” shtick in one form or another all my adult life. It makes me tired to still be hearing it.

In the sixties, institutional racism was a very big and a very valid topic of discussion. I absolutely don’t deny the existence of institutional racism. It existed and it needed to be knocked down. But what people like this kid want to argue now isn’t institutional racism, though that’s the term they insist on using. It’s legacy racism – I must agree to the fiction that I am privileged over you, no matter what the facts may show, because my father or grandfather may well have been institutionally privileged over your father or grandfather. That right there is the death scream of the efforts of three generations or more of civil rights activists, not one of whose shoelaces this glib kid is worthy to tie.

And the only real response I can raise is…boredom. Go away, kid. Come back when you have something to say. Something that’s not about “white privilege.”
privileged racoon

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5 Responses to At some point, if you lecture and wag your finger at me enough, I’ll shrug and walk away.

  1. Kyle says:

    Lol @ the meme

  2. Phil says:

    Amen to your sentiments.

  3. IM Jones says:

    I wonder sometimes how many of us have shrugged and walked away. I seem to meet more Shruggers all the time. Lots in Alaska.

  4. Anonymous says:

    It’s worse than legacy racism, it’s genetic racism! Ponder on that for awhile.

  5. MJR says:

    I understand discrimination very well and have little or no time for those who use it as a crutch.

    I grew up in Montreal, a white male Anglo in a predominantly french city. While I wasn’t a POC, I was English which in Montreal was just as bad. As opposed to whining because I spoke only English and I couldn’t get a job, I left. After 7 years as a military firefighter I couldn’t get a civilian job as a firefighter because of there being a call for affirmative action in hiring going on. I was a fully qualified firefighter but I was also a white male. So as opposed to whining about being discriminated against, I changed my field of employment to something I could make a living at.

    No matter what is going on there will always be those who are unable to see themselves for what they are and will blame all their shortcomings on some group or other. Sorry, rant mode… off.

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